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Personal Information

Michelangelo Turillo

Information Technology

  • Piazza Giambattista Vico, 2 34131 Trieste (Italy)

Nationality: Italiana

  • Mobile +39.3395383338
  • manager
  • software analyst
  • project manager
  • php
  • linux system administrator
  • zend framework
Work Experiences
11/11/2022 - 31/01/2024

Project Manager

Gabetti S.p.A

Luxury Properties Rentals Management

Work experience at Shine Software as a Full-stack Developer for the "Gabetti" project, a new brand specialized in luxury real estate management for corporate and luxury segments. I had the opportunity to actively participate in building the system "from scratch" for Gabetti, developing an integrated system using technologies like Laravel, VueJs, and Nuxt. Throughout my role, I managed the integration with major software in the market through APIs, ensuring a seamless and reliable connection with external services.

01/07/2022 - 30/08/2023

Magento Senior Developer

Triboo S.p.A

Work experience at Triboo as a Magento Developer for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of high-value projects such as,, and Key responsibilities included implementing new features, optimizing performance, resolving technical issues, and assisting in the development of custom solutions. Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team and contributed to the growth and success of assigned projects.

09/05/2021 - 09/05/2022

Magento Senior Developer


Magento Commerce

Support in project management and development activities in the ecommerce field. In particular, my role as Magento Software Developer will be addressed to some Magento Commerce Cloud projects such as Philippe Model, Driade, Italian Creation Design, Valcucine. My job is to coordinate developers for the online launch of the new stores.

11/04/2020 - 31/12/2021

Project Manager

Gabetti Short Rent

Rentals Management

Gabetti Short Rent is the new brand specialized in the management of short-term rentals in the corporate and luxury segments. I have created the new project for Gabetti with Laravel, VueJs and Nuxt.

06/06/2019 - 30/10/2019

Magento Senior Developer

Dotcom S.r.l.

Magento Commerce

Analysis and development writing in php of the back-end part, using the MVC design pattern for the Magento 1.9.x framework. Ability of using more modern tools for the web application development in order to install, configure, and testing Magento projects. The main projects that I have handled were Nespresso and MyGiftCard websites.

12/2008 - Present

Shine Software

Magento Analyst Development

I am a Italian-based ZF PHP developer more 20 years' commercial PHP experience in both eCommerce and CMS websites, include 10 years extensive experience with Magento. As an accomplished and experienced lead developer, I have implemented a number of high volume projects from the ground up using a wide range of technologies. I am always looking to push forward best-practice for development and ensure a high level of attention to detail.

During last 10 years and a half (more 40hours per week) I worked primarily with the Magento eCommerce platform, managing the complexities involved in building eCommerce solutions tailored to many client's specific needs. I have been writing extensions to take advantage of Magento's higher functionality, worked directly with the clients to deliver an accurate and workable specification.

I have a keen interest in data integration (using APIs and WebServices).

11/2008 - Present

Project leader

Shine Software

Web Applications and problem solving

After my experiences with my most important project like EuroCv, I have choosen to start with a project more difficult: Offer my own services. Now I have my own company and I can use EuroCv to select the professionals needed.

My services are joined the new technologies like adsl lines, telephony services, domains management, web hosting solutions, web softwares, ecommerce solutions and more.

10/2008 - 11/2008

Project Manager

PLCom S.r.l

Company Services

Portale del Commercio is a big website that allows about 3 milions of italian companies.

The companies promote all their products and services using a direct url like

There are many different contents available to upload in their profile like picture, video, audio and pdf files.

This project has been produced by my company: Shine Software.

05/2007 - 06/2007

Analyst and Microsoft Developer

Mediatech /TCD Trieste Città Digitale

Information Technology

Collaboration for the realization of the main portal for the Trieste citizens. Management and software web realization for a few customers in the context of the Public Corporations and other public organizations.

  • Municipality of Trieste
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Acegas & Est Energy group
  • ESATTO Organization

Ref. Alex Blanos Project Manager Mediatech

11/04/2005 - Present

EuroCv Author

EuroCv - Show your knowledge and your working strength all over the world

Information Technology

The project is based on a service supplied by means of the Website It helps people creating a Curriculum Vitae, in the European format, in order to share it with European Companies.
The project is divided into several sections each one dealing with the various aspects of a Curriculum Vitae. The main section allows to fill in a form with personal data of anybody looking for a job.
The other sections allow the user to face job demands using sharing tools. The European Curriculum Vitae furnished, equipped with presentation letter, can be translated by the user in several languages.

Vision - objectives - goals
The main goal of the project is to contribute with European free Curricula to reduce the economic and social division existing in Europe.
A free Website only dealing with Curricula and nothing else. Neither advertisements nor spamming by emails. The idea is to simplify the processes related to job demands and offers. The person looking for a job, who normally is the weak part in the job search, will be able to present himself all over the world and, on the other hand, the Companies will be able to find the right profile simply looking for the best Curriculum Vitae in a worldwide database of Curricula.

20/03/2005 - 20/09/2005

Analyst Developer

Canon Solution Center Trieste (ITA)

Integrated Enterprises Solutions

- Creation of the web portal connected to internal managing softwares (MAGO), to control the reporting made by customers by web.

- Creation of a Report Manager using Microsoft C#/SQL Server/Crystal Reports.

Further knownledges have been acquired in the field of the complete and versatile integrated and interfaced solutions for documental managing, acquiring, storing and printing of the documents, up to the the most advanced color printing systems, including the big formats.

23/10/2004 - 04/10/2005

Network and Security Administrator in Microsoft Client and Server

Ministero degli Interni - I.B.M. Sistemi Informativi

Information Technology

I.B.M. Sistemi Informativi
UTG Project (Uffici Territoriali del Governo)

Network Administrator and Security Administrator in Microsoft Client/Server Systems on Windows 2003 in clustering and load balancing with Active Directory integration.

  • Oracle DB Server 9.2.05,
  • Oracle
  • http server 9.2.01
  • Oracle Application 9.04
  • Norton Antivirus Server

Ref. Vice Prefetto Aggiunto di Trieste: Dott. Roccatagliata Enrico

16/01/2003 - 25/03/2004

High solutions for small and medium enterprises

Shine Software

Information Technology

Enterprise Projects.

Client-facing role, collaborating with internal/external clients
Product, Project and program manager

03/01/2000 - 14/03/2002

I.T. Team Leader

Seasoft S.p.A

Information Technology

Teacher & Microsoft Developer by the Seasoft S.p.A

Development of a net for 'Information Tecnology with the contribution of one Intranet with the following modules:

Quality Management
The module permits management of the workflow within the company, keeping trace of all the documentation in order to reach "ISO 9000" certification and similar.

Help Desk Managment
The Help Desk module has been created for I.Ts. It allows the working operators to manage the online signalling of all the customers reporting in a statistically clear way the product market activities.

Education and Training
01/03/2003 - 24/06/2004

Advanced Webmaster


Certification Comunicazione mirata per le PMI (IWA/HWG)

01/03/2003 - 24/06/2004

Mysql Advanced Developer

Debian Italia

Database Open Source Certification (Debian Italia)

03/01/2003 - 24/06/2004

Mysql Developer

Stardata S.r.l

MySQL Export Certification (Stardata S.r.l)

03/01/2003 - 24/06/2004

Software management for PMI (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Certification Oracle Italy

Software management for PMI

15/11/1990 - 05/07/1995

Diploma di Ragioniere e perito commerciale. spec. Programmatore

I.T.C. De Felice Giuffrida

Ragioneria, Economia Politica, Programmazione, Diritto

Personal Skills
Mother tongue(s)
Other language(s)
  • English
  • French
Personal skills and competences
I'm highly qualified in leading teams and projects, specially interested in helping social projects.
Communication skills
Communicative, self-orderly, stress-resistant and working in team – I was able to work in teams in many places, successfully finishing many tasks with short deadline
Organisational / managerial skills
Mainly respectful of projects' deadlines and solving problems. Very interested in giving support to customers and users documenting projects by manuals or tutorials. Very good and passionate at training other people.
Technical skills and competences
HTML Pre-processor softwares
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Macromedia Flash / Macromedia Director
  • VISIO 2003/ Ms Project 2003

  • 3D Studio 4.0
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw

Advanced skills
  • Microsoft Commerce Server 2003
  • ASDI Programming (Active Directory)
  • Java™ programming language for Mobile
  • Connected, Limited Device Configuration (CLDC)
  • Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP)
  • Web Services

Network Administrator
  • Linux distribution known Ubuntu, Red Hat, Suse
  • All Windows family
  • Mac Os
Computer skills and competences
Web Development
  • HTML, DHTML, Javascript
  • PHP 5.x
  • Javascript
  • Web Services
  • Magento development (ZF1.12)

Web Frameworks
  • Zend Framework 1.2 and 2.x
  • Ruby On Rails (low level)
  • ORM: Doctrine 1.2
  • JQuery & Scriptacolous
  • CSS: Bootstrap 3

Standalone software ide applications
  • Visual Basic 5.0 - 6.0 .NET (Relational database)
  • KDevelop 3.0
  • Realbasic

System Administrator
  • ASDI Programming (Active Directory)
  • Configurazione dei Rack IBM xSeries 445/345.
  • Reti LAN/WAN (switch, hub, router, WiFi).

  • Ms SQL Server
  • Postgree
  • MySql 5
Artistic skills and competences
These are my interests and my hobbies:

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Fado

  • Photography
  • Hand-drawing
  • Painting
  • Dancing

  • Making Ship Models.
  • RC Helicopter pilot
Driving licence
Driving License B
Additional information

17/12/2020 20:39:47 61553 23268
Dear Company,

I'm an experienced project manager with 15 years success in gathering and documenting requirements, developing project plans, managing and tracking project execution, designing prototypes and assisting with usability testing, developing and executing test scenarios and in promoting website strategy vision through strategy, design, architecture, innovative professional with proven ability to identify, analyze and solve problems to increase customers satisfaction and control cost in various kind of web and stand-alone software solutions.

I have dimostrated skill in organizing workflow from group planning session through implementation in variety of media and capitalizing on primary competencies of technical and design teams.

Best Regards
Turillo Michelangelo